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Lester Capon

"Indian Toys binding"

Book of Indian Toys

Lester Capon’s design for Bert and Molly Eastman’s Book of Indian Toys concentrates on the Indian and decorative aspects of the book. He used a ‘pierced vellum’ style, which he says he adapted from a 16th-century technique. The vellum is cut away to reveal, in this instance, dyed papers. The book was exhibited and sold at the Designer Bookbinders’ Flow Gallery exhibition in May 2007.


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Marja Wilgencamp

When Water was selected as the set book for the 2009 Designer Binder International Binding Conference, we decided we wanted to give our own award in addition to the traditional awards given by the DBs. Marja Wilgencamp’s interpretation of our watery theme, conceived during endless days of November rain, was inspired by the colours beyond the window when seen fractured by rivulets of rain on the glass. The cover is built up of paper and museum boards, using a collage of small torn Arches paper strips, edges painted in watery colours, and strips from monoprints. Five water drops appear in relief on the front cover. The photo does not do full justice to this beautiful example of a designer binding.

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Ann Muir

Ann Muir designed several special bindings for her autobiography Harvesting Colour (out of print), and she sent us this photograph of one of them. Gold and red are the dominant colours in this binding. A gold leather spine echoes the golden veins on her marbled paper, while red and gold Ebru fish swim across the front board.  The red felt on the inside of the box picks up the red in the goldfish. (private collection.)

photo copyright Ann Muir

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